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There are a variety of benefits associated with the Zinc-Tech™ process. Consider the following key advantages:

Economic Benefits

· The lowest production cost of any method for the manufacture of galvanized tubular products

· High yield on investment and significant value added per ton

· Expansion of sales into profitable, high growth markets

· Eliminates work in process inventories

Competitive Advantages

· Provides you with a substantial cost and quality advantage over any competitor

· Produces a unique product for which there is virtually no competitive substitute

· Establishes your company as a niche product manufacturer

Operational Advantages

· The most reliable and efficient method available for galvanizing tubular products

· Produces any length of finished product on-line (limited only by cut-off system)

· Process flexibility allows you to produce a wide range of end use products

· Automated process is easy to operate and reduces manpower

Quality Advantages

· Applies the highest “Free Zinc” coating weight for exceptional performance

· Product appearance is vastly superior to any other production method

· Eliminates quality problems common to hot dip and pre-galv products

· Consistently produce the highest quality product

Environmental and Safety Advantages

· All components and systems are fully contained to ensure a safe environment for operators

· Process minimizes the use of hazardous or environmentally sensitive process chemicals

· An environmentally friendly process that can be installed in virtually any location

· Has the lowest cost of environmental control and by-product management

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