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2010 . 08

Expansion of our representation and marketing network begins to compliment existing sales offices in The United States, South Korea, Mexico and Brazil.

2009 . 01

Superior Technologies, Incorporated celebrates 20 years of providing advanced solutions for galvanizing and coating of tubular products to producers on a global basis.

2006 . 11

CNC machining centers installed bringing outsourced component manufacturing in-house.

2001 . 01

Superior Technologies, Incorporated completes construction of a new state of the art facility in Chino, California USA. This new facility increases engineering and fabrication capacities.

1994 . 05

Fabrication facilities established in Brea, California USA to bring construction of all process related equipment in-house. This ensures optimal quality control and scheduling.

1989 . 01

Superior Technologies, Incorporated is established in Brea, California USA as an engineering and consulting based company Incorporated under the Laws of The State of California.

1988 . 12

Principles of Superior Technologies spend 27 years engaged in the management of one of the largest manufacturers of galvanized tubular products.

1962 . 02

The first Inline Galvanizing system for tubular products is commissioned by Pete Chifo, Sr.