In-Line Coating Process Benefits

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There are a variety of benefits associated with Superior Technologies coating processes. Consider the following key advantages:

Economic Benefits

 Add profit per ton In-Line

 Usually requires no additional manpower requirements

 Eliminates more costly off-line secondary coating operations

 Reduce product downgrading from storage or transit corrosion

Competitive Advantages

 Differentiates your product from your competition

 Your product reaches your customer looking as if it was just produced

Operational Advantages

 Heavy duty design specifically for tube and pipe mills

 Eliminates work in progress inventories and their related costs

 No limitation on product length as the product is coated prior to cutoff

 Better utilization of factory floor space

 Automated process yields consistently high quality finished product

Quality Advantages

 Improve product appearance and perceived value

 Dramatically improve products corrosion performance characteristics

 Preserve quality and product appearance during inventory and shipment

Environmental and Safety Advantages

 Enclosed systems ensure safe environment for operators

 The lowest cost of environmental control and by-product management

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