Galvanizing Process

The Zinc-Tech Advantage

Hand and Safety Railings, Barricades

Fact:  Fully Fused Galvanized Surface

Since Zinc-Tech products are galvanized after the tube is formed and welded the exterior surface is fully galvanized unlike products manufactured from pre-galvanized strip.

Benefit: No premature failure or discoloration of the weld seam as is typical with pre-galvanized processes. Additionally, the interior surfaces are fully protected by zinc rich coatings which will not rust internally and stain the exterior surface.

Fact:  Better Corrosion Performance

Zinc-Tech products have the highest percentage of “free zinc” coating weight.

Benefit: “Free zinc” refers to the percentage of total coating weight that is pure zinc. Typically galvanized products have multiple layers of zinc/iron alloy layers. Pure zinc, free of iron content will provide superior protection thereby increasing coating performance. Couple this with the ability to apply UV or thermal cure coatings inline, and you have a product that sets a new standard for corrosion performance.

Due to the design of the Zinc-Tech process, finished products have both higher yield and tensile strength properties.

Benefit: Higher tensile and yield strength means a much stronger structure. This allows the ability to use a lighter wall material for cost savings and less welding and fabrication time for your customers.

Fact:  A Stronger Product

Hand and Safety Railings and Barricades will benefit from strong mechanical properties as well as the ability to stand up to outdoor environments. With products manufactured using the inline process, you can be sure of your ability to provide your customers with the best materials available for their specific application.

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Fact:  Exceptional Zinc Adhesion and Ductility

Zinc-Tech products posses exceptional zinc adhesion and ductility properties.

Benefit: Worry-free fabrication from flaking or peeling of the zinc coating, even under the most extreme of conditions. 

Zinc rich ID coating

Galvanized using the Zinc-Tech process

Passivation coating

Clear Organic coating or UV Paint

Standard Pipe per ASTM 53 spec

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